“Project Omega”

Minimalist worked as a consultant with Digital Pi to create a performance management application (Saas) for Marketo. Once the project was launched successfully, the founder of Minimalist went to work there fulltime for a number of years to further build the product out and scale it.

The “Project Omega” SaaS gives Marketo users key operational insights in one place to help them correct problems, improve performance, and gain meaningful metrics about database growth and marketing activities. Here are the highlights of the product:

  • Gain insights into your Marketo operating environment
  • Determine if there are performance bottlenecks
  • Locate and disable rogue campaigns or processes that should not be running
  • Find the source(s) of duplicate leads
  • Understand how leads engage with marketing campaigns
  • Discover issues that are causing sync delays with your CRM
  • Troubleshoot third-party APIs or integrated tools that are affecting system performance